The perfect option for a newbie to experience a little bondage and physical touch within my rules. To get a taste of BDSM and power exchange with out all the pain and fear....Just relax my pet.

Ever had a fantasy about a totally hot nude masseuse ? Mix in a little bondage and bliss.

The oil, the relaxing atmosphere, the tension relief.

Book your now and experience this fantasy

Diary Entry: Stew was a guy who had been texting for months trying to find that special approach that was going to get me to take his session but not only had he just not said the right things yet, he was rude, had no experience in fetish and was very forward about preferring things that I don't offer so i was not motivated to see him for an experience to say the least. Then I put bondassage sessions as an option on my menu and he quickly tried his hand again at booking. " Says its best option for Newbies" he texted and I sighed.  He got me, so I booked his session for the next day and he arrived right on time with an almost arrogant air about his "obedience" to my request to be on time.  He entered the dungeon and looked around before sitting and going through my questions. "stand " i said abruptly. He smirked and stood up "strip" I said.  I could tell he was here to experience something new but still wasn't taking anything seriously.  Like he doubted he would like it, but hoped he would. After he was nude and had gone through my process of session etiquette, I walked him to the bondage bed and I started tying him down with a purposeful swiftness. When he was secure and blind folded I started with light flogging. Not hard enough to hurt but an introduction to my world for sure, switching to a feather duster all over his chest and legs he was starting to relax after he trusted I wasn't going to just start  wailing on him. From firm to soft, hot to cold, wax and gentle strokes, none of it was particularly painful but a gentle sensory play session. The tease of  gentle touch and slight pain then pleasure was showing its effects and I knew he wouldn't last much longer. I climbed up and straddled his legs he reacted to the obvious position. I rolled my eyes knowing he wished I was sitting a bit further up. I waited before reaching for "molly"  the pocket pussy from the table nearby. "Molly here is ready to take your cum Stew" and slipped it over his cock just in time for him to explosively exclaim "Power to Goddess Kat" and slumped back on to the bed with another declaration of "Power to Goddess Kat"

*Stew has become a regular bondassage client and i'm happy to reveal that my attitude toward him after he behaved himself changed quite drastically and its a bit of  joke between friends now.