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CEI Play

Men who want to prove they will do anything for their Goddess love my Challenge.

*Online or Live in Real time, Let's Play!

Diary Entry:

Daniel and I set up an amazing coffee date for his desired experience and he arrived with flowers and a small gift like an experienced pet. I motioned for him and he met me in the corner booth. He sat down as excited as he could be privately. We made our greeting and after some friendly talk I asked "How long has it been since you have eaten your cum?" The waitress was approaching and I smiled at him urging him to answer. "Um since this morning Goddess" he sheepishly replied. I laughed as the waitress stopped to take our order. "Black tea for myself and my friend with two pastries of your choosing please" I said to her and smiled  as she walked away. He was bright crimson red in the face. and sinking deep into sub space. I could tell Daniel loved that I ordered for him, he was subbier than he let on but ill play with that later I thought. I looked at him deep in his eyes and said " When she returns with your pastry you are going to take it into the men's room and cum on it. Bring it back out with its new frosting and join me again. understood? " Yes Goddess he managed through the biggest smile he could hide. While he was gone I enjoyed my treat and tea, knowing he was just a few feet away saying his "Power to Goddess Kat"......

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