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Ignore Fetish

Some men enjoy contributing to the life of a goddess without much in return. their joy is simple and pure. Send for me to shop, send while I'm pampered, send while i ignore the fact you even exist. send , send, send!

Book a Skype session or send and spoil.

Diary Entry:

Maurice was a middle aged Doctor in Denver who contacted me after seeing and following my twitter for a year first. He was nervous as most subs are. I listened to his backstory and was intrigued with his request. We started with a few online skype sessions where I painted my nails and never looked at the screen while he sent tribute via paypal. For over an hour he watched me ignore him completely. After I understood exactly what he was looking for and what was making him tick I agreed to have a live session in his fetish. We met in Boulder far away from anyone he knew and on my favorite street. I recognized him from his description and when he was close enough to see I gave him a wink and smile. He walked up and I said nothing to him as I turned with a twirl and set off. He proceed to follow me into a boutique where I selected items I liked and handed them to him without saying a word. I tried clothes on and emerged from the fitting room tossing the items into his outstretched arms. Maurice went straight to the register and paid for the treasures. Again following me down the cobblestone streets we went into shop after shop before walking into a tiny coffee shop. I ordered and he followed behind me paying for my cup of tea and fetching extras to impress me. He delivered it to the table I had settled into and I didn't look up from my phone. He sat down next to me and had a look of pure bliss on his face. I lifted my legs and placed them in his lap. He didn't dare touch me and I didn't acknowledged his presence. I did however feel his pants grow increasingly tight under my calves and his face flushed brighter red as his smile set deeper into his face.....

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