Chastity & Key holding

If you need someone better than you to control your cock then just hand it over to me. I'll gladly .hold you key and tease until you go blue. You weren't really going to use it much anyways so at least make me happy. 

When in chastity as a personal pet by Goddess Kat you must obey the following rules to stay in servitude:

1. Submit to regular cock inspections. Online or in Person

2. Participate in Tribute Tuesday

3.  Always give proper Power Tribute  

4. Pay your cum taxes                                                                                                                                                                                   Caged Ownership, either online or in real time is for those that want to experience the real thing. Give me your keys or Ill send you a lock. All cocks should be caged! All hail the Queen.                               

Caging Game & Sessions :

Book your caging and leave your keys with your new Goddess, Then you'll see just how much power she holds and how long you can go till next session. Half hour caged teasing sessions are so affordable you could do it each week.....or more.

Chastity can be the most exciting experience with the right key holder.

Get Started NOW by booking a session to surrender your manhood or join my snapchat to be added to my "Cucked" group!

 Worship your Goddess by sending exquisite Tribute