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Doggie training.

Its better to let go and fully become your goddesses pet, submitting to me is the best way to learn true devotion and obedience. 

~Goddess Kat

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Diary Entry:

Ty was an experienced human pup when I met him. He was going to events and even did an online obedience class. When I got his email it was short and to the point. I almost wrote him off as a fake since many men say " Can I be your dog" and have no idea what that means in my world. I returned his message with a curt, "After Tribute". He passed that test by sending two gorgeous gold pet bowls with "Goddess Kat's Pet" elegantly scrolled across the front. They were beautiful and perfect first impression from a true pup. We booked a session for the week after and when he walked into the puppy space I saw his body twitch in excitement. I snapped my fingers and he sat down next to me in a perfect heel. Snapping a leash on his collar I walked him over to the dog bed and motioned for him to lay down. He watched me intently from inside his puppy mask as I went to my throne and sat down next to him. "Come" I sternly called to him and he crawled quickly and sat in front of me. I selected a treat and made sure my boobs we inches from his face as I pet his ears and gave him his reward. I grabbed his leash and pulled his neck to the floor causing him to roll over on his back and symbolically show me his belly in the most submissive behavior possible. Giggling out loud at how cute he looked I grabbed the large teddy bear and rubbed it on his belly "How about you hump the toy like a naughty puppy"  He whimpered and rolled over onto the toy. "Gooooood boy" I cooed at him "Get that toy".....

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