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Corporal Punishment

Whipping and flogging make the strongest of men cry out with their safe word in my Dungeon. Lets see how much you'll endure for me.

Diary Entry:

Very few enjoy being severely punished. Most like being ridden on the cusp of pain and pleasure. Matt was not like that, he uniquely and deeply loved to be punished. He would look for ways to entice me to teach him lessons in my obedience tolerance threshold each time we session. If I asked him to do something, he would hesitate until painfully motivated. If he was given a task he would work in an unmistakable mistake just to be corrected. Matt was a constant swing of my crop and I enjoyed it because he so obviously did. On the day of session he was 10 min late, enough for me to be annoyed but not enough to cancel his session. I knew immediately what he was after. Matt was provoking me already, and i was ready for it. When he arrived and was prepped for session he was asked to bow. If i had not trained him myself and didn't know what type of bow he was capable of I might have cut him some slack. However he went down so sloppy and careless, I walked over to my implement table to intensify my chosen tool. Matt was watching me from his incomplete bow and it confirmed my annoyance. He wanted this, this was exactly the play he loved.

Swiftly i walked back to his pathetic attempt at a requested bow and brought a 4 foot cane down across his back side with out hesitation and firmly grabbed the collar from his neck and pushed his cheek to the floor. Putting my boot on his head pinning him in the lowest bow possible I continued with the cane. Over and over until his voice wavered "Please Goddess" I sat down on his back and ran my fingers over the welts. "Soooo Red" I cooed from above him. " Thank you Goddess" He was breathing hard and trembling all over. " Will you remember a proper bow in my eyes next time?" "Yes Goddess" he answered. I stood, walked in front of him and placed my boot in front of his face. "kiss it" He hesitated until I brought the cane down over the welts again. "Stand" again hesitation until corrected. Matt stood at sloppy attention with a flushed but neutral look on his face. I walked around him smacking and correcting as I went. Like a shark circling its prey, only this Prey wants to be devoured "Heels together! Arms to your sides! Shoulders back!"  Standing nose to nose I stared deep into his eyes and asked, "Will you remember how to stand like a fucking man next time?"  " Yes Goddess" he answered Looking down i noticed my pet was making a huge mess as he had been leaking cum during his canning and his cock was having no problem standing at attention. I threw him a towel and grabbed him  by the collar.  Leading him to the stocks i heard him gasp. I laughed and started setting up the restraints. As Matt was getting situated he had his eyes closed with a grin on his face, he knew what was coming next and had been waiting for this moment. I grabbed the first of 9 custom floggers and sent Matt on a journey in his mind. He begged for more by number 3, and by flogger number 8 was saying "Power to Goddess Kat!" and making an even bigger mess than before. I let Matt hang in the stocks for sometime to come back from sub space and catch his breath while i sat in my thrown in front of him smiling. "Thank you !" he gushed " That was unbelievable and he didn't stop thanking me until he was out the door.

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