The  Dreamgirls


Kat's Playhouse

In the world of Goddess Kat the women are sensational works of art, inside and out. The Dream girls are hand picked by the Goddess herself to be well rounded , high level entertainers. Well versed in not only the art of seduction but in BDSM, and dance as well. Meet the ladies of Kat's Playhouse



Name: Little Kiki Cali

Age: 27


Kinks: Age play, Spanking, Bratty femdom

Favorite Tribute: Everything my heart desires

I'm a bratty princess who is so spoiled by all her Subbie boys, so you'll need to work hard to impress me. I love to feminize naughty boys and tease them til they are balls that is. Let me put you in your place naughty boy



Name: Anastasia

Age: 25

Height: 5'4

Kinks: Bratty Lez/femdom, spankings

Favorite Tribute: Dr. martens and cold hard cash


I'm a bratty domme who loves to wrap you tightly around my little finger. Now bow to me Subby. I'll show you the way to liberation through submission. I love all role playing and power exchange and cant wait to have you under my boot.

Name: Ms. Hadley

Age: 32

Height: 5'8

Kinks: CBT, Ballbusting, Impact play

Favorite Tribute: Travel, festival tickets, and latex

Im a sassy tease, that gets off on making you hard. I love the fact I can mind fuck you and not lay a finger on you. I offer a chance to share your kinks with a funny gal who knows her way around a dungeon.

*Dream girls perform and entertain during monthly fetish parties, attend events with Goddess Kat, and assist during classes and demos.

*Dream girls are available for mini sessions during parties, and double domme sessions with Goddess Kat

*Dream girls are improving and growing under Goddess Kat's teaching and always open to learning new concepts, kinks, and talents.

*Dream girls are not escorts, at anytime if I feel you are not respecting this, YOU will be banned from playhouse.

*Dream girls do NOT see clients outside of the playhouse. Do not ask them, you will be banned.

*Dream girls always conduct themselves with the highest amount of respect for themselves and their Goddess

Think you want to be one of Goddess Kat's Dream girls?

You can submit an inquiry to be vetted and trained by attending a ladies event at the playhouse. After an in person introduction you will be scheduled for training and prep. This is an exclusive group of girls who represent me to a community, don't expect it to be easy.