Forced Fitness

There are two reasons to participate in this one.

1. You have fantasized about having a

smoking hot Goddess workout partner

that teases and torments you.

2. You lack the motivation needed to get in shape and need a strong dominant

woman to force you.

It's that simple.

Your Goddess does yoga, calisthenics, traditional machine

and free weight forced fitness.

Diary Entry: Joe was a middle aged guy out of shape, who admitted he just needed some extra motivation and if a pretty girl couldn't do it, nothing will! We met me at the base of Mount Sanitas in Boulder after quite a few nude workouts in my dungeon. I knew it was going to be too much for him but i also didn't expect him to finish it. He wanted his weekly time with me to be challenging and get results and that's exactly why we were there. As he walked up I could see him looking up the approach and not fully realizing where we were going. " Ready for our first public session Subby?" " Yes Goddess I'm ready as I can be." I pointed to my sneaker and he hit his knees, kissed my foot and popped back up so quickly as not to be seen by passerby hikers. He smiled and I could tell he enjoyed the thrill of it. We headed up the mountain and each time i looked back i caught him watching my body working as I climbed just in front of him. He kept up for quite some time, before slowing and needing a break. We stopped and I peeled down to my sports bra and adjusted my ponytail before teasing " Keep up Subby or no reward for you when we return to the car"  We steadily climbed the mountain with teasing and peeks when he was lagging behind and just too far away to fully enjoy the flash. I made sure he got an amazing cardio workout and an intense set of blue balls from his views. 

After an exhausting hike where Joe kept up moderately well and made me proud, he had the honor of peeling off my warm hiking shoes and kissing my feet before I drove off barefoot, leaving him to fantasize about his next workout and relieving his aching balls in his car before heading home. I received a video of him Saying "Power to Goddess Kat" and thanking me for an awesome workout. Just as i asked him to.