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Hypno Fetish

"Her intoxicating rhythmic movements and the sweet smell of perfume intertwining with her smooth sexy voice make you feel as if you'll do anything she asks of you."

                                                                          ~T.H Hypno fetish enthusiast

Real time pets are not the only subs who can enjoy the thrill of falling under Goddess Kat's spell. Have her make you a custom hypno fetish video become entranced by her wonderous influence

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Diary Entry:

Answering the dungeon door in a breathtaking fringe dress and matching hippy curls, I could tell my newest client was pleased to see me smiling and instantly relaxed. "Welcome come in, have a seat" I said motioning to the private room dimly lit and awaiting our energy. I followed him in and watched as he sat down on the chaise lounge and was taking his surroundings. I saw him take a deep breath of the incense and stare at the flickering candles as he relaxed in place and started his own mental preparations to be hypnotized. It was not his first fetish hypnotism as he had been in the scene for many many years now, but it was his first with me. He admitted he heard my voice online and couldn't get it out of his head until he contacted me and we immediately started working on his custom hypno script.

I pulled up a chair snug and close ,leaning in front of him so that he could smell my perfume and my hair swung down in front I took a deep breath and he joined me, taking the same rhythm for some time before I saw him truly relax and we continued.

"Look into my eyes Henry, you are going to fall under my spell tonight" I said as I gently swung a crystal prism just in from of his face. Slowly unbuttoning my shirt i exposed the outline of my untamable cleavage. and continued Henry's hypno taking him deeper and deeper into my influence until he was nodding his head yes to everything I said while he was his stroking his leaking penis.

Henry loved the mind fuck of it all, he knew he would do whatever I asked him to when he was like this and it was such a rush for him to be so vulnerable. He was completely mindless for the time that he was in my world and appreciated the liberating feeling it gave him. Nobody understood his need to be told.

After instructing Henry deep into the magic and to the edge several times I finally allowed him to cum and he obediently droned "Power to Goddess Kat." when he did.

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