Cross Dressing

When its time for you to step up your game, and truly be "passable"

you'll need to be trained by Goddess Kat.

It's not just about looking like a woman,

it's about feeling feminine and sexy too.

From dressing the part to walking in heels, Goddess Kat will take you through out the whole process of turning into a woman you always wanted to be.

Who better to guide you than a woman

who exudes sensual femininity as much as the Goddess herself.

It's one thing to feel girly when you wear women's panties and another to be trained to truly pass for one by a Goddess. Lessons in everything from selecting the correct make up to

fluid movement and posture.

Want to go all the way and need someone to hold your hand?

Let's do brunch and shopping in full dress.

Apply for real time

Sissy Maid and Impress your Goddess with LIVE

servitude in Denver, Colorado!

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Diary Entry: Carol had been dressing up with me for quite sometime and was one I would have defiantly considered "passable" as a woman and confident in her kinky play, but she was craving more than usual lately. She wanted to not just look like a woman but learn to perform sexually like one too. We planned to start her training with blow job technique and tonight was first session.

So I set up an experience for my Sissy, a safe, sane, charming man for her to practicing going down on.  My personal Subby arrived and I met him at the door with a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you so much for coming Subby." his smile at my praise was visible through his calm demeanor. "follow me " I said as i led him to the living room and pointed to the floor. He dropped into a perfectly practiced bow accenting his love for his Goddess with a heart shape made with his hands. Always so impressive. " You may stand I said and patted the couch beside me.

I wrapped a blind fold around his head softly covering his vision and whispered in his ear. " You are such a gooooooood boy"

Carol came from the kitchen and kneeled between his legs unbuttoning his pants and smiling shyly at me as I encouraged her to take his cock in her mouth and make him hard.  

Explaining to Carol what to do with her tongue and hands during her experience was so much fun, like controlling my pets pleasure with a voice responding robot. She edged him and stroked him took his cock deep down her throat like such a good girl. She was relishing in this opportunity to be a naughty girl and experiment with her own boundaries and kinks.  My Subby was enjoying every tantalizing moment of my sultry voice in his ear and the sensation between his legs. He was getting more and more turned on with every new thing Carol was learning right up until he couldn't take it anymore, the moment of climax where he came deep down Carol's throat with an exclamation of "Power to Goddess Kat!" 

Carol stood up with a look of pride and satisfaction on her face while she daintily wiped the corners of her mouth and sauntered to the Sissy dressing room like the sexy woman she was.