Sissy Essentials 

As a sissy girl the following items are fun for online play and lessons, remember when coming to my play space I have everything you need and more!

However you are welcome to bring your sissy bag of fun too.

1. Panties - Every sissy girl needs silky soft dedicates to remind her of her femininity. 

Ask me for my special list to pick out matching pairs for us both!

2. Cock - if its not real it better be big!  (Need help picking one out? Ask me, we can shop online together or in Real time)

3. Butt plug/s - For proper anal training

4. Feminine Products - Play isn't limited to one sensory trigger. you'll want to feel and smell like a woman too.

5. Slutty and/or frilly outfits - As you grow as a sissy so will your collection. I promise.