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Most men desperately need a behavioral correction, mostly by me. I have no issues with taking naughty boys and setting them straight. Its not all about whips and leather, sometimes a sensual spanking goes a long way.

Book your spanking naughty boy.

Diary Entry:

I will NEVER forget Mac, an eighty something year old man I met in California who was deep into his kink. Spanking was very ingrained into his sexual desire from a young age. Mac had been spanked by and attractive young school teacher in elementary school on quite a few occasions by permission of his parents and it stuck. I met Mac at a quaint coffee shop to discuss matters before returning to playhouse for session. He was very tall and built like a football player but somehow still looked as innocent as a lamb. Mac and I chatted for sometime about his past experiences before I said to him " Ready to be punished?" He smiled and said "Mistress I thought you'd never ask. 

We arrived at the dungeon and I instructed him to prep for session. He was visibly excited in all ways and I gathered my spanking implements. When he walked into my classroom I could see him going back in time vividly so I dove in heavily with role play to help with his memories. Mac was shaking with excitement before i even put him over my knee. "Naughty boys get spankings you know?" He agreed and counted out ten good smacks with my bare hand before reaching for my first implement, an old hairbrush

Mac's favorite....

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