So you want to be mine?

1. Have you done your research, reviewed my site?

2. Sent tribute to be acknowledged and considered?

This isn't findom, but don't expect to be noticed without

tribute when you are one of 20 inquiries every day.

3. Have you sent an official bow and

    request to be interviewed and taken seriously?

    or did you think this was going to be easy?


To be a personal pet you must put my needs very high on you priority list. My spare time is spent very carefully and if you want any of it you'll want to play your cards right. 








I am always interviewing new personal pets with any or all interests listed on my menu.

Male or female submissives are welcome

to submit a request. 


*All types of pets

*Owned pets are expected but not required to

participate in tribute Tuesdays.

*Local pets get extra privileges based on how much they serve

You must set up interview over coffee or dinner to proceed. Still nervous? Meet me at a Denver fetlife munch or event as i am quite the social butterfly Or come to one of my events

....but have you done the work?