So you want to be mine?

1. Have you done your research, reviewed my site front and back, twice?

2. Have you sent tribute to be acknowledged and considered for

   such a rare and highly sought after position?

   This isn't findom, but don't expect to be noticed without

   tribute when you are one of 50 inquiries for this position

   every day.

3. Have you sent an official bow via snapchat and

    request via form to be considered, interviewed

    and taken seriously?

    or did you think this was going to be easy?


To be a personal pet is very different than someone who wants a session and you must put my needs very high on you priority list. My spare time is spent very carefully and if you want any of it you'll want to play your cards right. 








I am always interviewing new personal pets with any or all interests listed on my menu.


*Male or female submissives are welcome

 to submit a request for consideration

*All types of pets

*Prospective pets are expected to

 participate in tribute Tuesday within their budget until you

 are an established serving pet.

*Goddess always has options for non monetary servitude

 for those who have established their position in her world.

*Local pets get extra privileges based on how much they serve

Playing With my Cali Pet.jpg

How can I be considered for personal pet?
You must catch my attention, send tribute and come to a Fetlife party or event of mine. Introduce yourself with flair and present tribute and yourself. I want to see an immense amount of effort if you want to be mine. You will have to prove to me you are worthy of representing me. You must earn it!

Diary Entry: Ty's first correspondence to me was worded so perfectly I read it twice. He was given the chance to chat with me and to prove himself. After some time and plenty of online exploration he was granted an interview. He was nervous but well spoken, scrawny but well dressed. He brought tribute for his interview and presented it on my silver platter. His hand were shaking and it made me giggle. I truly intimidated him. We sat and talked about what he desired and he said all the right things. After he left, I thought "eh we shall see". Over the next few months Ty checked in often asking what he could do to serve me. He ran errands, fetched things I needed, and did anything I asked. I was impressed but still not convinced. Would his enthusiasm wane like others? 

It did not. Ty continued to serve, clean, please, and obey for months. After serving at a particular tea party over a year ago where he truly made me proud of his progress and presentation of himself and his service, I decided to keep him. He's my hand to the queen and he defiantly earned his place.

It took Ty 3 months to be noticed and get to see me in person and 6 months of service for me to consider him my pet. He has been 100% respectful of my partner and our boundaries. He is professional and polite. He is a loyal and vital part of my world. The boy knows how to tie a Windsor knot and he's always prim and proper. This is what anyone who wants my attention is being compared too so plan your first impression carefully.

....but have you done the work?