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Goddess Kat's Divine Tribute Wishlists

Nothing feels more rewarding and satisfying than contributing to the lavish life of your Queen.




  1.  Gift that is intended to show gratitude, respect, or admiration.

Tribute is not considered "payment" for my time and is separate from session fee.

How to send tribute

1. Choose your gift

2. Send discreetly through Amazon. Be sure to add your email or a name to Gift tag

3. Screenshot proof or forward email confirmation

4. Wait for reward

First Impressions are very important and the tribute you choose says a lot. As a pet you want to stand out, your goal is to be remembered and favored. After all, in my world a pet has the most fun when his Goddess feels revered and spoiled.

Online pets may use Delivery Code or Amazon to send Tribute, Real time LIVE pets get the option to present theirs live in session and with flair.

*Use any of these links below to send or get ideas for tribute hand picked by the Goddess herself.


*"Owned" pets must send every tribute every Tuesday or be released from their servitude.

No excuses boys. There is tribute for every budget.


*Amazon makes it so easy, they send it straight to me and its completely discreet.


*Everyone starts with Tribute to be considered, If you try to approach me without it. You'll be put at back of line.

Tribute big or small, I appreciate it all.

As a Femdom Goddess I have been gifted some absolutely amazing tribute! 2 decked out Jeeps, an RV, two sets of implants, a mini bike and countless pairs of shoes and beautiful outfits. My boys LOVE to spoil their Goddess and I appreciate every single act of gratitude for my magic. No matter the size. Every time someone says "thank you for being you" by sending tribute my heart just instantly melts! Remember showing gratitude for my magic isn't findom, its respectful, and is guaranteed to get you noticed.

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