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Goddess Kat's Biography


Goddess, Mistress, Madam or Ms Kat Marie

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Birth date: June 27th

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois

Current location: Denver, Colorado


Dress size 4, Shoe Size 9, Bust size 34 EE

Favorite Book: Gone with the Wind

Favorite XXX Drink: Good tequila!

Favorite tribute: Anything that sparkles or adorns my body or life!

Favorite Food: Creative Vegetarian

Favorite Kink: Taboo age play and Punishment

Goddess Kat has been immersed in the BDSM lifestyle for almost 15 years personally and 8+ years with her partner as a lifestyle & Professional Femdom and has maintained a collection of submissive pets and personal Subs for her enjoyment. It takes a lot to serve this Femdom Goddess.

  • 1138 men have not made the cut.

  • 30 men have been banished    from her world

Careful how you approach, serve, and maintain your servitude in the world of Goddess Kat.



As a personal pet online or in real time you can have the Goddess's attention by  sending impressive tribute to stand out, True servitude is necessary. All fakes will be sniffed out immediately. If you don't tribute you don't deserve a true Goddess.

Goddess_Cameo_FullBody_In Ring_01b.png
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