Mistress Kat's School of Submission

"Come my pet, Show me your bow"

MKSS is the very best way for aspiring pets to get started into BDSM or for a experienced pets to learn exactly how to worship a true Goddess, indulge in their submissive side, and completely let go.

Focusing on Manners, Mindset and Mischief to train the very best collection of pets.

Exploring each fetish the curriculum of MKSS lets you taste each kink under the guide of the Goddess herself.

Pets are required to participate in Tribute Tuesday and learn true reverence and devotion to their Goddess

Enroll in MKSS by sending impressive tuition Tribute

Come My Pet!

Enroll in MKSS and gain access to lessons, tasks, extra credit to earn rewards, and tips and pointers to minimize discipline.

To prevent banishment pets must obey the following rules:

1. Submit to regular cock inspections.

2. Participate in Tribute Tuesday. 

3. Complete a Weekly Task.

4. Always give proper Power Tribute.  

Remember to don't have to be owned by Goddess Kat to session.

but you'll leave wishing you were.