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Being in the presence of Goddess Kat is the ultimate privilege. After texting and completing selected questions, you are ready to book and experience her grace and power. Local sessions are held in beautiful Denver, Colorado at Goddess Kat's exquisite private dungeon in Aurora. Tour locations are listed below and sessions can be booked at approved dungeons, lavish hotel rooms and exclusive private locations with her security specialist.  Goddess Kat has an extensive collection of equipment, tools and implements of punishment and an even more impressive collection of latex, lingerie and costumes to make your fantasy come alive.


 See my menu for complete list of fetishes and kinks and pricing.

How do I book a LIVE session? Sending tribute from my amazon wish list bumps you to priority booking and quickens the process. It also shows respect and the fact you are serious. After tribute is sent, send me a text with your name, kinks, and a day and time you are looking for.

Is this 'Findom' then? No. There is no minimal amount set for tribute. It is a gift to show respect and admiration. Browse options on tribute page.

I'm still nervous. No problem, you may schedule a coffee interview at dungeon or local shop to meet me before session if that would make it easier.

Is that required before session? No you may skip straight to booking with instructions listed above.

When approaching Goddess Kat be sure to introduce yourself and mention how you have come to find her. List when you were looking to session and your fetishes.

Snap Chat is the best way to keep up with when Im doing sessions....and every other naughty thing I do! Its discreet and wife proof!

GET SNAPCHAT and Add me now to get a peep hole view into my xxx world.


Do NOT call me, I will NOT answer.

Sessions are held every day at Goddess Kat's private dungeon location in Aurora

All other locations by tempting request around Denver/Boulder Colorado.

Schedule fills up very fast. To Book session you may

TEXT @ 708-439-3929

New to Femdom and feeling a little overwhelmed?

Its ok Subby....explore my site and ask me your questions

xoxo Goddess Kat

I absolutely love newbies, don't be nervous Ill hold your hand Subby

XOXO Goddess Kat

So you have a session booked, whats next?

You have gained a very valuable spot on Goddess Kat's schedule and you should feel lucky. Do not take this lightly as "No Show" clients end up on the "banished list" and are never booked again. Cancellations are extremely frustrating and always impossible to book last min. Please be respectful of session time and if a cancellation is necessary you are expected to tribute for the session via the divine wish lists.

After session is confirmed morning of appointment, you will receive further directions.


What to know before a LIVE session

1. Familiarize yourself with at least this page of my site.               BE PREPARED FOR MY EXPECTATIONS

2.You should arrive for session few min early to calm your nerves. Let me know when you have arrived.

3. Have Tribute and donation prepared for presentation, not in hard to open packaging. Be creative. Goddess loves to see extra effort.

4. A good pet will ask " What can i bring you Goddess?"  or " Any special requests for tribute today Goddess?"

5. If not hairless, as Goddess prefers her pets, at least be clean and smell nice.

6. Its my world, my rules. You are just visiting. All hail the queen

Goddess Kat loves...         Houseplants         Candles                   Bath Bombs           Lingerie                 Shoes

Could be as simple as Coffee or something much more special I want or need

Double Domination




From time to time Goddess Kat has the pleasure of having an Apprentice and even featured Dom. Master Manly join and assist in live and online sessions. Submitting to two powerful Doms at once can be too much for some submissive men. Request double domination session at your own risk


I recently met with Goddess Kat and had an excellent experience with her. She is everything and more. Started our session with a nice chat and wanted me to be completely comfortable. Then the fun began. A little wicked but very enjoyable and entertaining. get out and see her as soon as you can. She will st you straight     ~ Paul

I met Goddess Kat at an upscale hotel in denver. From the time I saw her I was in awe, she actually looks better in person than in her pictures. She was definitely experienced in bdsm and she knew just how to drive me crazy. She also has a really fun personality and actually seems to get into what she is doing. Would highly recommend!


I decided to have a non vanilla bdsm experience and connected with Kat. Awesome time.....she is a very nice girl and had great facial expressions that will drive you wild. Her pictures are accurate and Kat has a very nice personality. I will repeat.


GoddessKat is amazing. The first time we met was for coffee to discuss our mutual interests. I was a bit nervous --she's beautiful and resonates class -- but she was not intimidating. She was respectful of my situation and put me at ease right away. We discussed what I was looking for, our expectations and boundaries.

Our first session went better than I anticipated. I won't go into specifics here (as those who do reviews these days will understand). Simply put, she communicated very clear what she wanted and expected. I thought my first experience to be awkward, but it was far from it.

I highly recommend GoddessKat for newbies; if you're experienced with BSDM and looking for an experienced goddess, I truly believe you won't be disappointed either.     ~JM

Mistress Kat's School of Submission Tour Schedule

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