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Create your custom Fantasy with Goddess Kat

 As a complete fetishist, dancer, and entertainer the sky is the limit with this Kat! Dont be shy, no judgement here. I love working with my fans to make their thoughts become reality. I enjoy all fetish, cosplay, fantasy, and with  an extensive costume collection chances are I have what you are looking for. 

1. Brainstorm your fantasy & theme.

2. Decide on photos, video or fan set to be created.

3. Submit request with ideas/outline

4. Wait for availability and response from Goddess Kat to purchase and commision your fantasy video

How to get a custom created by Goddess Kat




The fastest way to your visual desires. Lets create your personal fantasy or fetish photo shoot together.

Teaser sets have 5 XXX pictures 40usd

Full set has 20 pictures 80usd

Send me a message with your ideas for photo shoot to get started!



Clips and Videos

Custom clips are the best way to create your own individual personal erotica.

Lets create your personal fantasy video together.

Customs start at 10- 15 USD per minuet minimum based on detail.

Send me a message with basic outline of your idea with key phrases you would like to hear and things you would like to see. Be as detailed as you would like for a quote on your idea.




Fan Sets

Fan Sets are the unrivaled spectacular treat for a true Goddess Kat fan. With a full photo set, teaser clip and full video you get the ultimate xxx experience with all the custom touches you are looking for. 

Submit ideas for a quote on a full fan set.


Would you like to submit an idea to my "I'll get to it" pile?

Not everyone can afford custom content BUT everyone has good ideas!

If you are patient and would like to submit an idea for review submit via email below.

Please include a basic outline with key phrases. Be as detailed as you would like.

If Goddess Kat really likes your idea we will throw it in the pile

and get to it on a rainy day. Good luck.

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