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Mommy Domme

Sometimes you just need a stern but loving figure in your life to discipline, talk to and guide you. This is where Mommy comes in, let me give you the structure and nurturing you desperately need. Littles need more than cute outfits, and stuffies to feel complete. They need attention, affection and play.

Play sessions available at my normal session price in ABDL(changes are an upgraded session), MDLB, Puppy Training, Littles, & Kittens 

Book a session little one.

Diary Entry:

Tom was my first adult diapered baby session. He was the first to build up the courage to inquire about live sessions through my nursery group. I find the babies charming and fascinating, its a very fun role play to indulge in and I can completely see the allure of it all. After taking every baby step he possibly could he booked on a Sunday afternoon and showed up as a handsome, fit, well dressed business owner. Within 20 min I would have him mentally regressed into a toddler without a care in the world. That's what he was here for. He handed over his diaper bag and I caught his chin in my hands "Go change come out as my baby" I gently and soothingly said as I locked his gaze. "Yes Ma'am" he said and scurried to the bathroom. "and Tommy Baby, when you come out you can call me Mommy"I called after him "Thank you" he gushed and shut then door. I unpacked his bag on to the play space and sat down in my chair next to it all. He came out moments later in his diaper which must have been under the suit, and nothing else. "Come here baby boy, come color me a picture" Tom at that moment turned into Tommy and melted into the cozy blankets and pillows at my feet. He was delighted to see all the toys and coloring books and see his paci and teddy bear among the treasures. "Pick one darling and color Mommy a pretty picture" I cooed at him while stroking his hair. Tom was deep in his happy place and about 3 pictures in when I asked him " Darling did you wet your diaper?" His eyes glazed over in anticipation. "Come on little one" as i took his hand and led him to changing table, lets get you all cleaned up".......

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