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S.P. Humiliation & Inspection

I find it fascinating that so many men just hand over their manhood to me to judge and humiliate. I enjoy measuring, inspecting, relentlessly teasing my harem of submissive "small" males.                                                                                                                                                                                          I keep a running competition of who has my smallest penis in my collection. Want to see how you measure up? Hit me up on snapchat: Goddesskatmarie for my Cock Contest on Saturday mornings.

As a true subject matter expert. Ill rate and tax your.....shortcomings. If you are reading this, and loving it you should be sending Dick Tax!

* Vanilla guys, this is not for you unless you have a small penis and/or you enjoy being made fun of for not having a big enough penis. This activity is for men into SPH (Small penis humiliation)

*Looking for a Dick Rating ? 20USD  HMU before sending a dick pic.


Book Real time Inspection and Tax assessment.


Diary Entry:

Ricki had at least four online inspections before he just had to come see me in person. The thought of me laughing at him live and right in front of him thrilled him to no end. I led him into my little parlor and I playfully threw myself gracefully down on the chaise lounge extending my high heeled foot to the crotch of his pants, stroking it slightly I said "Can you stay soft?"  while motioning for him to come closer. " Not since the moment I booked this session" he replied and his face went beat red. I giggled and said  "Drop your pants Ricki, lets see this thing already" With a delighted look on his face and shaking hands he unbuttoned his pants and dropped them to his feet. Naturally I burst into a fit of laughter because fully erect and dripping with excitement his penis was no longer than my pinkie. Which i promptly held up for reference and laughed a good bit more. Giggling and laughing and making fun of him went on and on and on while I watched his face go from excited and nervous to thrilled and turned on. I pulled out my ruler and measured his 2 inch penis giggling the whole time. By this point Ricki was twitching I knew I had to let him touch himself. "On your knees shrimp dick" I laughed at him. He obeyed quickly with a " Yes Ma'am' and was at the side of my throne with a smirk on his face. " Jerk your tiny little dicklet for me"  "Thank you Goddess" he exhaled. As he took his tiny penis into his fingers I erupted into giggles mocking him for only needing two. Within two minuets he was saying Power to Goddess Kat....

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