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Couples Play

Couples who play together stay together, and couples who play with Goddess have an amazing experience to add to their bank.

Want to try something new to spice it up, thinking about dominating him/her with a third? Are you both craving serving a Goddess? Or maybe you fantasize about finally showing your spouse your submission but don't know how. Sessions with Goddess will change your sex life.


Diary Entry:

Tom and Jenny had been playing with me online in their fetishes for over a year before booking their flights to Denver for the real deal. Jenny was so happy, she sent a little Subbie dance and a huge smile video when they were all set and waiting for session day to arrive. They flew in on a Wednesday morning and arrived at the dungeon with a buzz about them. This was both Tom and Jenny's first time with a professional dominatrix and were both beyond exited. Tom however was not a newbie by any means. In our online interactions I learned this has been part of his make up from a young age. Tom always had felt submissive toward women he admitted. Growing up with a single mom and all sisters he was very used to service. Jenny was brand new to everything and i couldn't tell yet if she was doing this for herself or for her husband. They stepped inside and immediately dropped into a bow that was uniquely different from each other in a delightful juxtaposition of mindsets and experience.  His had a practiced ease about it, slipping right into something easy and comfortable. He was proud to show me he had practiced my signature Subby bow until it was perfect. He was motionless until I told them to rise. She lowered into hers in a shy but eager way that made me smile. She chose to change the example bow into her own with a little flair. It was beautiful. I could practically read her thoughts as if printed on her forehead. I remembered being that nervous about stepping out of my comfort zone and it turned me on to think of all the things racing in her mind, and the power she willingly gave me over her with that bow. "You may change into what you wish to wear for session and meet me in the back"   Tom and Jenny's experience started with foot worship because he was into it and ended with spankings because that's what she was into the most. However what happened in between... that was all for me. I took them through just about every option in my dungeon. They wanted to experience as much as possible before their "Power to Goddess Kat' moment. After they relaxed and returned from sub space, Tom  and Jenny found themselves giggling in a cuddle puddle on the rug in front of the fire. I smiled at their Subbie moments together as we booked their next adventure, a weekend getaway in the mountains with their Goddess.

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