Inquire about the ultimate live cuckold experience. Some men revel in the thought of their women being pleasured by another.....even fantasize about letting her pick him out in a bar while they have drinks. To watch his reaction as she asks him to come home with her would be his dream. I make this dream come true.

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Ever thought about being a cuckie pet for your ultimate Goddess fantasy. To be owned by Goddess Kat Online or in Real time you must obey the following rules

1. Submit to Regular Cock inspections.

2. Participate in Tribute Tuesday 

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4. Always Give Proper Power Tribute  

Important note:

Clients are NEVER the BULL. You are always the Voyeur/Cuck.

Review my RULES to know your place, and do not contact me until you do.

Session Diary:  Tom had expressed his nervousness prior so I wasn't surprised to see him seated at the bar with a drink. I recognized him instantly from his description of himself. Mid forties, salt and pepper hair he was handsome and he knew it but this was new for him, this was out of his element and it showed. I took a seat next to him at the bar and winked before giving the bartender my drink request.  He recognized me and shifted again nervously, he knew I was there to see him. We were going to indulge in his most forbidden and naughty fantasy tonight.

"Hello Cuckie" I smoothly said with my first sip, "Were you going to wait all night to say hello?"

Yes Goddess, I mean no Goddess I was working up to it, is he here? he referenced "the bull" 

"Not yet" i answered "I want you to calm down first, He will meet us in the room when i call for him."

After a bit of chat over another drink he was laughing, calm and having a wonderful "date" with his Goddess. We walked arm in arm up to the suite and I unlocked the door. 

"Have a seat in the corner chair Cuckie"  i said as we entered the room. In a whirl wind of sweetly scented hair and fabric there was a drink in his hand and I was seated gently in his lap as his "wife" who needed to have a "important conversation' with him.

"The last few years our sex life has been......lacking' i said firmly but sweetly looking into his eyes. and i love you, you know that as i brushes his cheek with my i don't want to separate but I've found a solution to our "little problem"

You see you cant please me with your dick anymore, so I've found someone who can. 

The look on his face was pure delight, he didn't expect me to tease him so much beforehand, the experience was obviously more than he expected and he was constantly rubbing his pants in desperate attempt to pleasure himself.

I stood up and let my silky wrap dress fall to the floor in a dramatic heap. His mouth fell open when he focused on the most eye catching and intricate lingerie he had ever seen. 

"I love you and i will stay your wife as long as I have my boy toy and you take care of me the way I expect, right hubby?" He continued to nod his head yes. with a naughty but delightfully helpless smile.

My smooth sultry voice combines with the visual feast was almost too must for Tom, he was so ready.

There was a knock at the door and his face lit up, "come in "I called to our visitor and looked at Tom straight into the eyes

"Welcome to your new life Cuckie, from now on you will spoil me and take care of me and Alpha here will take care of my sex life"

He nodded excitedly while i unbuttoned my boy toys pants. "Takes yours off Cuckie, and watch while i suck a real mans cock"....

After countless personal orgasms and Tom had edged himself silly. I switched positions to face him in his chair directly while alpha took me from behind. As Alpha teased with my favorite long slow even strokes, looking right into Toms eyes i said " You could never please me like this Cuckie, but you are going to cum for me. lets cum together....

The look on Toms face as he paced himself to my intoxicating moan was priceless. like a kid on a roller coaster and then the  euphoria of climax as he slumped in the chair, completely blissful.

Alpha Showered and Tom caught his breath while I lie basking in my own pleasure.  

"good boy" i sang to him as he got dressed I think ill Join my boy toy in the shower and meet you at home Cuckie I smiled devilishly at my client as he took his good bye hug and slipped out the door.......