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Some wish to contribute to the lavish life of their Queen with no expectation of reward in return.

They just want to send and sit back thinking of how they have served their divine Goddess.

"Hello Goddess how may i send?" is the only place to start and these pets know how to IMPRESS and be REMEMBERED.



Diary Entry:

When Mark messaged me saying he was a fin sub, a "true pig" he called himself, I wasn't quite sure if he was pulling my chain or serious so I tested his quoted "obsession with findom" by saying "Impress me" and nothing else. When he sent a thousand dollars to my cashap and then said nothing about what HE wanted, I paid a little closer attention. I watched with a raised eyebrow for the rest of the day as he followed all my social media accounts, shared posts he liked, and tipped on every medium I had. That night before bed I saw Mark had found my amazon wish list and had started knocking things off from oldest listed items first. "Hmm I thought, this guy may just be for real. In the morning I woke to another thousand dollars sent to cashap so I proceeded to send Mark a Good morning text and asked when he would be available for a live shopping trip. "Asap Goddess" was his immediate reply. I took my time getting ready and met him at my favorite shopping mall. He walked up and lowered down to one knee with his head down offering his credit card as I walked up to him. I took the card and offered my hand for him to kiss. As he did I noticed his eyes never moved from mine, and was not a bit nervous. I snapped my fingers and he stood up and fell one step behind me as we entered store after store. I teased him from the changing room with sneaky peeks and XXX texts. He was wide eyed and reveled in the attention from me and curiosity from staff as we laughed and got lost in our bubble of kinky talk and flirting. He was begging "more" after each store. When I felt he was ready i turned to him and said " Ok, Piggie when is your first dungeon session to be? "Oh ASAP Goddess Kat Please" he replied and I smiled and he kissed my hand again with a devilish look in his charming eyes. "I can not wait to serve you as your foot rest while you shop online with my card, all I wish is to be of service to you!" and again he never broke his gaze. It was then i knew Mark was what he said, a true pig for Goddess Kat.

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