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Foot Fetish

My Foot Fetish Boys are so easy to reward, give them a little tease and they melt each time. It helps when you have soft feet and an extensive and lavish collection of slave funded shoes.

                                                                                                     Foot worship sessions can be booked at 200 dollars


So you want to be my personal foot boy? 2 Spa pedicures are required per month by personal foot boy to keep your Goddess happy. You may accompany me or send for them, your choice. As foot boy you are also welcome to participate in:


1. Participate in Tribute Tuesday

2.  Complete a weekly Task

3. Always give proper Power Tribute  



Did you know?

The best foot party host in Denver is none other than yours truly? Pedi Princess parties are a heart pumping way to indulge in your fetish and meet the hottest foot models in Colorado!

Check it out !


Book a Session

Or spoil me with pampering and shoes

Diary Entry: 

Mike had been a subscriber to my Foot fetish snap chat and I had created quite the impression on him before he came forward begging for a foot worship session and had sent the most fitting gift to prove he was serious in his devotion before session. The very heels I was wearing for his fantasy experience. My gorgeous toned legs acted as metronome for the beautiful clicking of the gorgeous sky high heels that was driving Mike wild as he watched me walk around . I caught him shamelessly staring while starting some relaxing music and slipped my delicate foot out of its 4 inch high stiletto and ran it up the back of my other leg. I love the feeling of it and foot boys love to watch it even more. Slowly walking back to my throne so that Mike could take it all in I smiled mischievously and sat down in a way that exposed the fact i wasn't wearing any panties under my leather mini skirt. I crossed my legs and dangled the studded sling backs effortlessly off my long toes. Mike was practically drooling as I lifted the balanced shoe and placed it in his lap for him to sniff and enjoy.  He held it to his face like a priceless jewel looking at my heels like he was in love with them as well. sniffing each inch of the sole before placing it perfectly on the pillow next to him. One then the other. His eyes fixed on me while stroking his cock and watching me wiggle my toes in a mesmerizing hypnotic little dance with my legs and feet as the star of the show, When he was visually begging for more, I gracefully placed my toes on his face , over his nose and mouth for their sweet scent to fill his lungs.

Mike kissed, licked, sucked and caressed until he couldn't take it any longer. He ended with whispering " Power to Goddess Kat!' as he came all over my pink polished toes. 

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