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Forced Intox

Feeling like you have no choice is intensified when being forced under my spell, combine this one with any other fetish and you have a dangerous combination. DO you dare?

Diary Entry:

When a client wants to add forced intox to his session I always ask, why? Rick sent back a lengthy reply with all the right answers. He loved feeling completely vulnerable. He loved giving up all control and he LOVED feeling like he was falling under a beautiful woman's spell during sessions. He passed my test with flying colors when he said he had purchased the necessary ingredient and a stock for my dungeon. Not only was he prepared he was really into his kink. Rick flew in from Chicago and came straight for session, he was buzzing with excitement as he bowed and presented his tribute gift.  6 Large bottles of alkyl nitrate or as he called them, "poppers" .  We adjourned to the medical room and I opened his bottle for our session and placed it on my tray. He watched my hands the whole time. He was defiantly excited for this journey we were about to take together. Rick was already laying on exam table when I turned around, and was practically tying himself down. "In a hurry Rick? Hands still, don't move"  I said calmly without looking at him, and continued to prep my medical space. He lay motionless with bubbling over impatience. I finished tying him down and secured him tightly. Standing before him in beautiful, stunning lingerie hiding under my lab coat. I leaned over him from between his legs and asked " How long have you been working yourself up over this?" "Since I booked with you Goddess" I giggled and started my dance before him, climbing up onto the table with him after letting my coat drop in a dramatic woosh to the floor. I reached for the bottle of potion and Ricks eyes kept going from his new view of my body to the bottle. Seductively I removed the cap and leaned into his face for the first inhale. The first would take over his body and leave him falling down the rabbit hole with me. The second would have him agreeing to anything I said, and everyone there after would have Rick deeper and deeper under my spell. I already knew this, and so did Rick. His body leaned to the bottle against his restraints and he begged for it. " Here we go" I said. and held one side of his nose. Rick inhaled deeper than I thought possible and whispered "Power to Goddess Kat" as he blissfully layed back relaxed and smiled. Ready for his Enchantment

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