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If you need to be put in your place there is  no better than me. I have no problem tell you exactly know how much of a beta you are,
and your going to pay me for the privilege of hearing it.

Online and Real time sessions available

Humiliation videos can be found on my ManyVids profile.

Book a session or Send to have my  favor

Diary Entry:

When Liam came forward with a list of humiliating tasks he wanted to be told to do it seemed to be only so easy. It was by far one of the most fun sessions I've had.  He wanted me to be a horrible mean high school girl and ask him to do embarrassing tasks while I laughed. After he had prepped for session and met me in my parlor. I had him get down on his knees and oink like a pig while he handed me my gifts he brought and he instantly got hard from my fit of giggles. After giving wedgies on cam and sending them to my friends I gasped and exclaimed "To the restroom Subby!" "Head in the toilet, swirly time" He smiled and took every bit of abuse I could dish out off of his list before he asked me "May I have a black marker" curious and equipped I handed him his requested tool. Over every inch of his body while I watched he preceded to write my name. I giggled at first and it made him smile and write bigger. Large and small he repeated this until he had quite the temp tattoo started. " Now jerk your dick with your other hand you pathetic beta" I said slowly to him and watched his body react. 'Thank you Goddess" he whispered. He kept writing taking up more and more space as he touched himself. Before long he was saying "Power to Goddess Kat" and his pen finally stood still....

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