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 Chastity & Key holding

If you need someone better than your own self to control your cock

then just hand it over to Goddess Kat.

Goddess Kat will gladly hold your key to tease until you go blue.

You weren't really going to use your cock much anyways so at least make Goddess Kat happy. 

When in chastity as a personal pet for Goddess Kat
you must obey

the following rules to stay in servitude:

1. Submit to regular cock inspections. Online or in person when Goddess asks for one.

2. Participate in Tribute Tuesday. Which means you MUST send from wish list every Tuesday

3. Always give proper Power Tribute and cum for Goddess correctly when allowed 

4. Pay your cum taxes.  5.00 every time I'm filled with Alpha cum                                                                                                                                                                           

 Caged Ownership, either online or in real time is for those that want to experience the real thing. Give me your keys or I'll send you a lock. All cocks should be caged! All hail the Queen.                               


Caging Game & Sessions :
Book your caging and leave your keys with your new Goddess,
Then you'll see just how much power she holds and how long you can go till next session.
Half hour caged teasing sessions are so affordable you could do it each week...or more.
Chastity can be the most exciting experience with the right key holder.

Get Started NOW by booking a session to surrender your manhood or join my snapchat to be added

to Goddess Kat's "Cucked" group!

 Worship your Goddess by sending exquisite Tribute

I get asked a lot .... "How do I choose a chastity cage?" The answer is simple. Choose one that fits you properly through trial and error. The penis is as unique as a finger print so the combinations of shaft vs ball size is so vast. You will need to purchase a cage and try it on. The cage should fit with very little room when you are soft. You should NOT be able to slip out of it. It should be uncomfortable when you are hard. Sex stores usually have an option or two, but Amazon is the best place for your shopping in my opinion. 

Diary Entry:

Brantley was quite difficult to get into chastity since he considered himself a regular vanilla guy and no kinks, however if you are going to date a Goddess chances are you'll end up doing some kinky things that otherwise you may not have. We went to the naughty adult store together and looked at every option as he dragged his feet over every detail. We picked out a light standard design medium size cage for his small cock. I was so nice about it, I made sure it wouldn't be too painful for him when he got hard, after all he was doing this for me not because he wanted to. It was a few weeks before he put it on to pick me up for a date he will never forget. 

It wasn't until we were seated at a very nice fun restaurant that he handed me a small box. Opening it i found his chastity key on a delicate silver chain and the extra key inside the box. He smiled as he saw my reaction and i realized he was wearing the cage. I reached over and sure enough his cock was surrounded in metal. I put on the necklace and put the extra key in the pocket of my skirt. he noticed and asked. "Don't I get to take the extra key home for emergencies?" I giggled and continued eating my meal. Our conversation was fun flirty and i felt Brantley was on his best behavior. Chastity really does keep boys in check, he was attentive charming and obedient and it was an enjoyable date. 

On the way home he brought up the second key so i took it out of my pocket, playing with it in my fingers as he pled his case on why he should be able to have it, as he went on and on i rolled down the window letting the gorgeous California night air fill my lungs and casually tossed it out the window with a giggle. " we wont be needing this one" i said with a smile ignoring the absolute shock on Brantley's face as he realized the fate of his manhood now lay delicately around my neck, he realized he wasn't going to be saying "Power to Goddess Kat" and he wasn't going to be cumming any time soon

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