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Ballbusting & CBT


Bringing a man to his knees isn't hard as a Goddess. When its a hard kick to the balls in beautiful expensive heels or a hard knee in a more aggressive role play its even better. Lets see how much you can endure

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Diary Entry:

Elias was a young, college boy who loved to do yard work to earn his specific desired attention. He showed up in his work clothes and ready to be abused relentlessly on a sunny weekend while I was sunbathing in the backyard. I got him started on raking leaves and laying mulch and I went back to my chair. I watched him from my perch on the top deck for some time before I went down to kick him between the legs. Elias lit up when he noticed I was coming. He got into position like a soldier with his legs too far apart. "Please Goddess, as hard as you can" he said. With every bit of strength I have in my legs I brought my bare foot up into his crotch with a definite impact. " Thank you Goddess"  he stammered and doubled over. Walking back to my sun spot I heard him say " You are amazing Goddess"  "Thank you Subby" I sang to him as I got comfortable again. I let a short ten min pass before calling out "Ohhhh Subby, Id like a drink" Elias returned with my favorite beverage from the dungeon bar on a small silver platter.  Looking up at him through my sun glasses i said "On your knees" and he dropped down and assumed the position. Standing before him in my tiny bikini I took my drink from the tray and kicked him as hard as I could again with my barefoot. Once again he thanked me for his mix of pain ad pleasure and gladly went back to work more and more satisfied each time. After a full afternoon of sun for me and work and abuse for Elias I led him to the privacy of the cabana and made him drop his pants to show me the damage. Red and swollen I sent him home happy as a clam with the biggest smile on his face to give his power tribute over the whole thing after the swelling went down....

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