Goddess Kat's Nursery School

Not local? The Nursery School VIP room on Snap Chat is perfect for those interested in seeing a behind the scenes exclusive look into Goddess Kat as Mommy, and live vicariously through the babies enrolled in this fantasy world created just for them.

How do I get into the Nursery on Snapchat?

1. Purchase it directly buy sending me a message on snap saying " I want to get in the nursery"

2. Get in free by being a fan page member

3. Work for it with Daily sharing and promo

In the world of Goddess Kat there is an exclusive Little's club to socialize, play and be creative. Focused on providing the most calm, open and nurturing space for all age play and furries to be free to express themselves and indulge in their kinks safely.

*Nursery School meets two times per month with field trips, activities and Photo shoots for those who are content creators. 

Looking for Live sessions? Mommy Kat offers LIVE sessions as Mommy, Babysitter or fellow little friend at her play space with a fully furnished Nursery at 200 per hour. Babies are encouraged to slip into a gentle head space for play and activities with Goddess Kat. 


Mommy dates, littles play dates and public outings available

Now offering ! 

Birthday Parties!

Let Mommy Kat plan and throw you the ultimate celebration. Decorations, Activities/Games, Cake, friends, and a safe magical place to be little

*Abdl sessions are at my normal 200/ hour rate. Messy diaper sessions are at 300/hour 

Mommy Kat says......

Now offering ! 

Over night babysitting

Experience is 24 hours with Mommy Kat. All meals included, One night in Nursery & 2 one hour sessions

*Activities missed due to current affairs will be made up 

2020 Nursery Activities and Field Trips 

Sept 12th Smore's Party!

Oct 8th Bedtime Stories PJ Party!

Oct 24th  EVERY Baby's Birthday Party 

Oct 31st Trick or treating with Mommy!

Nov 14 Turkey Day Party. Mommy cooks Dinner!

Dec 5 Christmas Photo shoot with Santa!

Dec 20 Baking cookies with Mommy activity