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Mommy Kat's Nursery 


Birthday Parties!

Let Mommy Kat plan and throw you the ultimate celebration. Decorations, Activities/Games, Cake, friends, and a safe magical place to be little. Ask me how it could be free.

*Abdl sessions are at my normal 300/ hour rate. Messy diaper sessions are at 400/hour 

Baby Menu

Text Chat Sessions: 20.00/20 min

Snaps and Text Sessions: 40.00/20 min

LIVE video chat: 60.00/20 min

(All online interaction happens on snapchat)

Quick Changes: Stop by the nursery for a change and a snack (100.00)

Hourly Babysitting: Sometimes you just need time in the nursery to play (Session rate) 

Afternoon with Mommy: Lets go on a mommy date and come back to nursery for some playtime (500.00)

Overnights in the nursery: Come spend the night in Mommy's magical nursery. This is a complete experience with playtime, high chair time, a mommy date and changes included ($1500)

 Mommy Kat has eighteen years experience with her own personal age regression and growth. Eight years experience in a D/S relationship as a Mommy and Little and now almost three years as a professional Mommy domme in Denver with several personal and bonded babies. Goddess Kat has an extensive resume' full of certifications, completed classes, her knowledge is unmeasurable in the D/S dynamic. Goddess Kat not only loves this kink, but understands what makes you love it too. Come explore those naughty thoughts with your Mommy Goddess.


Kat offers LIVE and online sessions as Mommy, Babysitter or your fellow little friend at her unrivaled play space with five fully furnished Nursery spaces. Babies are encouraged to slip into a gentle head space for play and activities with Goddess Kat. 


Mommy dates, littles play dates and public outings available

Add me on Snapchat; kat_marie22486
and ask how to get into my FREE Nursery snap. 


Located on a quiet street in Aurora Colorado you will find the Mommy Goddess of your dreams and her unforgettable and magical Nursery. 

With FIVE completely 

furnished and magical play spaces to choose from, It will have you pinching yourself and thinking "Is this reality?"

Explore the main playroom outfitted with crib, rocking horse, play tent and ball pit and adult baby swing!. Mommy has an endless collection of toys, games and wardrobe for her baby boys and girls. 

Kitten's room is for my girlie girls and has a reading nook, giant cuddle bean bag chair and all the princess dress up supplies your darling heart desires. Mommy Kat has a complete wardrobe with onesies, dresses, and all the accessories for her little girls

Come back to the pediatric clinic for a check up or combine some of Mommy's favorite kinks into your session. Kat's clinic has professional exam table, and the most complete medical collection in Denver. 

The baby BDSM room is a thrilling way to mix taboo age play and Mommy's darker side. This room is outfitted with unlimited tie downs, spanking bench, punishment rail, full restraint system, locking mittens, and more implements of correction than can be counted.

Last but not least the outdoor play deck is finally finished with 100% privacy for fun in the sunshine. There is a sandbox, summer time pool, and baby garden boxes for planting with Mommy! Come have a picnic or just enjoy being outside while in that precious little head space.

Mommy Kat is always adding more elements and changing and rearranging the play space. All items listed are available but may not be at every event.


Featured on Vice!

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Mommy Kat's Favorites and Suggestions from Amazon

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