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Wall OF Shame

If you have been sent to this page, its to put your nose in the corner and review this information. You have NOT done your due diligence to review Goddess Kat's site before approaching her. Information, pricing and everything you need is easily found on here on this site.  Goddess Kat's rules and perimeters are simple but you need to make yourself aware of them as to not waste time. Below, you can find the answers to every pertinent question you need before booking an appointment for LIVE, online domination or attention. 

Do a little leg work of your own as to not waste my time. Be sure to review this page twice before trying again.


Review my menu to make sure the kink you seek is listed and offered.

Review my golden rules three times before contacting me. 

Review and find all pertinent information you need clearly listed here on this website before contacting me with questions clearly answered on this website.

DICK PICS: Sending unsolicited dick pics is not only vile and disgusting, it does nothing for your progression in my world. As a matter of fact, it sets you back. As I will instantly ignore any chat you have sent. Just because you are logged into a site to see me naked doesn't mean I want to see you naked.

If I have not given you consent to expose yourself then what you are doing is illegal and in some states punishable by a heavy fine.

BDSM ISN'T PROSTITUTION: I am not an escort. BDSM does not automatically include sex and NEVER does in my world. The thought of strange men touching me makes me what to vomit. I'm not single, nor available to YOU in any way shape or form. Do not assume you can change this either. You will be making a complete ASS of yourself. Do not ask me for anything not listed on my menu for session. Soliciting women for sex is illegal and not permitted in my dungeon or at my events. 

SENDING TRIBUTE: I do not care what your last domme let you do or not do in order to earn her time. I am a professional, and require tribute in order to book a session. If you feel you are above giving a gift to be considered for session, then see yourself to the door. There is a line forming behind you and you are holding up men who are willing to do as I ask. There is NO shortage of men who will follow my directions so stop wasting my time. This isn't FINDOM, its respect and manners. Manners that make you stand out from the time wasters in the crowd all vying for the same position. 

Does Goddess Kat do meet ups?

Yes, you are more than welcome to watch Goddess perform at local shows. Meet me at a local Denver munch or come to one of her playhouse events at at her private dungeon in Denver.

(see playhouse parties)

Will you just domme me?

No. You will approach me correctly or I'll ignore you. Period. There are too many men in this city for me to pay attention to someone not showing me the respect I deserve as a professional. The respect that is clearly outlined in "how to book a session"

SFS ? Can I get some free pics?

You are more than welcome to buy photo sets, custom videos or join OnlyFans here.

Do you do cam or video sessions? Yes I do, by appointment after impressive tribute to have my one on one attention, see Online Sessions.

Can I send you pics of me, Can I at least show you my D ? That is called an online session. It can be as quick and simple as a dick rating (cock inspection as I call it on my menu)  or as long of a chat session you'd like, starting at 20 dollars. Anything other than this is considered an unsolicited dick pic and will get you blocked.

How can I serve you/be your pet?

Start here to be a pet.

Verification video of Goddess Kat?

They are all listed on Manyvids and any further verification you feel you need can be found on the various professional interviews or media promos found on Goddess Kat's social media.

Let's film together.

That's a big "No Thank you" anyone not approaching me to film from a professional company or established production can kindly "Fuck off". I know there is a market for you to get laid through desperate content creators but I'm not one of them. So don't waste my time

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