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Goddess Dates

Ever wondered what its like to

have a drop dead gorgeous woman on your arm for a night out?

Goddess Kat loves to bond with her pets and offers date experiences to her favorites. From work parties to the ballet and every date in between, its best to party with your Goddess.

Have an event or activity in mind? Send a message with your request and the Goddess herself will plan the ultimate date within her perimeters of limitations and rules.

Diary Entry:

P. Leer is a very romantic type of Subby. He loves movies, dinners, picnics, and walking arm in arm lost in conversation. He's always trying to find ways to spend private time with his Goddess. So the night we went to my favorite restaurant so coincidentally named with a feline influence it was extra special.  He picked me up, on time as always and looking dashing. We had the best table in a private and cozy corner. He dazzled me with lively flirtatious conversation and an amazing chef's vegetarian presentation.  As I'm always teasing my favorite I made sure that not only did he know I wasn't wearing panties but he noticed as well. I smiled sweetly as I gently brushed my skirt up while locking his gaze. I just love watching his face flush bright red to match his hair. His hand almost trembled the next time he placed it on my knee, as if he couldn't help but think about all that bare skin just inches from his fingertips. Excusing myself to the ladies room I flipped my skirt with a flourish in such a way so that only my melting Subby could see full view of the treat before him. Looking back as I walked I could see him smiling from ear to ear shaking his head slightly and adjusting his very swollen cock in his pants. I giggled out loud and once in the privacy of the powder room I pulled my phone from my purse and took an up skirt view picture. Walking back to the table I caught his gaze and kept it while hitting send. His phone buzzed in his lap and he didn't budge, his focus was on my entrance back into the room. He was completely mesmerized and taking it all in. Walking slowly and giving him my most elegant movement. I tucked myself back under his arm and he picked up his phone checking his text. I felt him melt further as he leaned in close to my ear and said

" You, my Goddess, are so naughty!" 

"Always!" I replied.....

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