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Medical Play

Come visit my exam room for enemas, check ups and treatment. There is an endless supply of naughtiness to keep you on the edge. Not into pain? Schedule your appointment for that Nurse fetish you cant get out of your mind. This is one kink that mixes perfectly with CBT or sounding or can be played alone with a kinky JOI

"Medical play isn't for the faint of heart and needles will always make my kinky heart flutter but don't worry Subby you'll have your safe word."

~Goddess Kat


As a Certified Piercing artist and experienced fetishist you can be assured all equipment is professionally sterilized and you'll have the very best and safest experience with Goddess Kat.

Diary Entry:

Billy and I had chatted quite a bit before his session since he would be traveling from Wyoming for his experience. I wanted to make sure I knew exactly what he was looking for. He told me he had this kink since he was quite young, his first sports physical from high school to be exact. I greeted Billy at the door and had him sit in the waiting room while I slipped into my Nurses uniform. With the sassiest skirt and bra top under my white lab coat, glasses and a clip board in hand I walked out to retrieve my patient. My high heels clicked on the dungeon floor and I rounded the corner with an air of determination. "Billy" I announced to the waiting area. He stood and followed me silently with a slight smile as he saw my new outfit and heels.  "remove your clothes for your exam." he obeyed. With the familiar snap of an exam glove his posture got a little better. "Stand up straight, Is that your best posture?" I asked sternly and Billy's started to stiffen Everywhere "You know the drill, turn your head and cough when I say." As I reached for the most sensitive part of his body, he started to tremble, there was no way he was going to last long in this state. Before long he was proclaiming his "Power to Goddess Kat'...

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