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Sensory Play


Let Goddess Kat tie, blindfolded, and restrained you to a table.

Hot, cold, soft, and hard

you'll experience many different tantalizing sensations when under the spell of Goddess Kat.

Sensory play is one of building trust and therefor bonding

with your domme.

I want to see what your endure for me and what you find erotic. 

Diary Entry:

Troy was standing before me naked and nervous as our session started. He was young, charismatic and always replied " yes Goddess" after everything I said.  He had a few sessions with me in a MKSS curriculum  so he already had great manners and was getting through his fetish badges quite quickly for a college kid.. Troy wanted to experience every fetish on his program and here we were at sensory play. I like to let them get a little worked up before this type session I feel like it adds to the energy and heightens their senses. So I sat in my thrown looking him up and down for some time before asking. " Is this how you stand to present yourself  as a toy to a Goddess to play with? Instantly he stood up straighter and lifted his chin. He must have done his homework and learned I like military boys because it was obvious he was doing his best to stand like one. "Much better"  I said calmly. "Puff out your chest, take a deep breath and look like you are proud of what you present to me!"

Rising to stand effortlessly and slowly, I walked past him and  motioned for him to follow me over to the bed outfitted with dozens of straps, ropes and tie downs. I pointed with hand signal he knew and he obediently climbed up and got comfortable as I started placing cuffs and straps across his body in all areas. Gently but firmly he was incapacitated. "I just love a helpless Subby I whispered in his ear as I climbed up and stood over him. Staring into his his eyes and running my nylon covered foot over his body I made sure he could see and stare at the fact i was wearing no panties under my tight latex dress. The up skirt view was enough to get the result I was looking for from his cock so I turned around and sat softly on his chest while adjusting his straps just for the view of it all. Sliding down to the floor I could see Troy was already dripping with the anticipation and never knowing what was coming next was driving him wild. I ran the tip of my nail over his lubricated head and teased him until his squirming told me he was wasn't going to last long. Slipping a blind fold over his head I started with the wax, then ice, the feathers and leather. Troy experienced half my collection at a pace and intensity that kept him at the edge the whole time. Simply my repercussions about coming without permission kept it at bay. Only once he was begging "Please Goddess may I cum!?" did I oblige and slip my little pocket pussy I call Molly over him and allow him to explode.  You can bet he exclaimed "Power to Goddess Kat" and went home a very exhilarated and happy Subby.

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