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You can have smoking fetish, or any fetish sessions online on social mediums or LIVE in Denver Colorado

Smoking Fetish

Is for pets with a fixation on vintage glam, and the ultimate classy dame. Breath play and kinky role play mix well with this one. To session in this fetish you must be able to roll, light and ash with flair or at least appreciate a woman who does. Impress me with your skills and knowledge of fine MMJ or beg for session and become my favorite to lounge in the Smoking Parlor with.


Diary Entry:

Frank loved vintage movies and was caught like a fish with a picture of me in a film noir theme with a long ciggy on  a stick with its curling plumes of smoke. 'Its true things are not as glamorous as they once were, and women are just not the same. You give me a tiny glimpse into what was' he said while begging for a smoking session. We met at a very chic downtown smoking Lounge that catered to clients with old fashioned tastes and needs. Choosing a cozy spot next to the fire place I sat down with a twirl and made sure my skirt gave frank a tiny peek at my garters. Our conversation was deep thoughtful and expanding, but Frank went silent when I reached for my handbag. He was anticipating it since we spoke so he was defiantly worked up over such a simple movement. He watched intently as i pulled out my cigarette case and jeweled lighter. I placed them in my lap and sent Frank to the bar for a beverage. He knew exactly why I was asking, and knew it would be hard for him to hide the results of his excitement and I loved putting a little pressure on my boys. He returned with my specific request and even placed a little gift next to my glass when presenting it. Such a good boy, I love extra effort. I opened it slowly pulling out a gorgeous small cigarette holder, hand carved and old. "Its exquisite" I said. " Its has to be to be yours" he replied. Placing a hand rolled in the new holder I let it hang delicately from my hand as I ran the other along my thigh just barely dangling my gorgeous heel from my toe. It was almost too much for him and he begged" Goddess may I please light that for you? I lifted my eyebrows to affirm his desire. He pulled out his own lighter and flicked it to flame. I leaned forward not taking my eyes off his and inhaled deeply. Rolling the aromatic smoke around  in my mouth and teasing his brain as I french inhaled. His nostrils flared as he tried to take in any of its essence, I sat back and powerfully blew the smoke to envelope his entire chair. He closed his eyes and filled his lungs with my magical enchanted vapor. "Relaxed?" I questioned. Frank just smiled and sank deeper into his chair before pulling another small box from his jacket pocket. I deeply inhaled and motioned with my elegant finger for him to lean forward. Never leaving his gaze, our noses I emptied my lungs. He was in pure ecstasy and not wanting to move away from my energy even for a min. "Open" I said with a dominant edge.  Frank opened his mouth obediently. Another long pull from my beautiful gift and smooth as silk I blew out the thick smoke with a swirl of my tongue on my lips. He reached for the ash tray and focused on my hand as I gave it a quick flick to ash and take another pull. He was so mesmerized he couldn't notice the few people around us watching secretly. "Frank next time , we session at the playhouse so you can give proper cum tribute." I smoothly said inches from his face. "Oh yes please Goddess I want to jerk so bad right now, I cant wait to give cum tribute, I cant wait to say Power to Goddess Kat."

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